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Senator Lincoln Chafee

10 Dorrance St.

Providence, RI 02903


Dear Lincoln,


We met at the Watson Cuba Conference. See some of my last articles about the Titan landing and the coming Iraq Civil War and my Dec. lecture on Government-Press relations at Brown. Kudos for saying you wouldn’t vote for GB2, hope you consider switching parties when the maniacs of your party start to trash the Constitution (like limiting filibusters ).


I strongly urge you to vote against the disgraceful nomination of Alberto Gonzales. Instead of punishing the toady who gave the rational for widespread American military torture and who argued that the President can’t be overruled by anyone… the Bushies reward him with the post of Attorney General. A person who owes his entire career to the President: a slavering sycophant, should never be allowed to become the top cop, especially with the likelihood of another major terrorist attack. This is the worst appointment I’ve ever seen, and has the potential to make America an ugly repressive place and permanently damage the Constitution.